ME 626 Advanced Strength of Materials (3 0 3)

Analysis of stress; strains and stress-strain relations; strain energy in common structural members, components of strain energy, two dimensional problems in elasticity; Airy’s stress function, solutions of elasticity problems, thermal stresses, basic relations in polar coordinate systems, stresses due to concentrated loads, contact stresses, failure criteria; failure by yielding, failure by fracture, derivation and comparison of yielding theories, introduction to fracture mechanics, failure criteria for fatigue, fatigue life under combined loading, impact and dynamic loading, bending of beams; exact solutions for beams of asymmetrical cross section and narrow beams, composite beams, shear center, exact solutions for curved beams, torsion of prismatic bars; Prandtl’s stress function and membrane analogy, torsion of thin-walled members of open cross sections and multiply connected thin walled sections, numerical methods; finite differences, finite element method, triangular finite element, energy methods; reciprocity theorem, Castigliano’s theorems, unit-dummy load method, Crotti-Engesser theorem, virtual work, trigonometric series, Rayleigh-Ritz method, plastic behavior of materials; perfectly plastic beam, elastic-plastic torsion, plastic stress-strain relations.