ESR 101 Ethics and Social Responsibility (1 0 1) / 1 ECTS

Deciding what constitutes an ethical issue is often difficult because what constitutes good ethical behavior has never been clearly defined. The scope of this course is then to present useful ethical theories to university students who are going to be practitioners in various fields in the near future, and to improve their skills both in analyzing concrete moral issues and deciding upon strategies for solving moral dilemmas. On the other hand in spite of the blurry situation, today’s managers need to create an ethically healthy environment for their employees. How managers can create a healthy environment and help employees to make the right decisions through ethically ambiguous situations is one of other main concerns of this course. The course is designed not only for business students but also for engineering, law, art and sciences and other prospective students. For this reason case studies that excel on various kinds of problems should be analyzed in class discussions. To present ethical-dilemma exercises in each chapter will allow the students to think through ethical issues and assess how they would handle them.